Explorer's Rest

This development comprises of 14 units, immaculately laid out to present our prospective tenants with a perfect view of the lush greenery of the Entebbe Golf Course. The development is at Plot 1A Mugwanya road. The area is close to most of the available amenities in Entebbe like the LAICO Lake VICTORIA HOTEL, Faze 3 restaurant and the Entebbe Golf course.

The compound comprises 12 one bed houses and 2 two bed houses.

The one bed houses is set up on two  blocks in an apartment format with 6 units on each block.

The two bed houses, on a different block, have a balcony overlooking the golf course in the upper level.

As usual, we have designed the compound to encompass a beautiful lawn, parking spaces for the tenants and visitors, and peaceful surroundings for our tenants.


Two 2 bed and five one bed are already occupied.

To book or for further information, please contact us.


One bed houses                        Block B                                        Block C                                                                         

                                Livingstone       |        Thompson                   Park             |         Pinto               

                                Grant                  |        Stanley                     Mackinnon      |        Neumann

                                Baker                  |        Burton                          Caile            |       Lander              


Two bed houses                        Block A

                               Murchinson      |     Speke