Crane Compound

Gated community situated at plot 99b Church Road, an affluent address of Bugonga, 3 kilometers from the airport and no more than 10kms from most of the amenities in Entebbe that a client would need. The development is in close proximity to Faze 3 restaurant, 4 points bar and restaurant, shopping centers and the Entebbe Golf course. The development comprises 11 units of 5 two-bedroomed houses, 3 three-bedroomed houses, 2-one bedroomed houses and 1 five-bedroomed house.

The three bedroomed houses are laid out in bungalow design with large private lawns.

The two bedroomed units are duplexes, tastefully designed with views of Lake Victoria from the upper levels.

The one-bedroomed houses are laid out in bungalow design with small front lawns with the 5 bedroomed house in a large semi-private compound.

The compound has parking for at least 15 vehicles with carefully paved parking spaces and drive-in.

The compound is suited for all types of professionals from those on short-term contracts to diplomats doing their tour of duties.


One Bed Houses

                            Barbet     |     Roller


Two Bed Houses

                    Egret    |    Kingfisher    |    Starling     |   Swallow   |   Shoebill


Three Bed Houses

                    Peacock     |      Pelican       |      Flamingo

Five Bed House

                      |      Crane      |

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