Our Mission

The mission of Corinya Uganda Limited is to be the most successful real estate firm in Entebbe and, eventually,

Uganda by providing quality and value for money rentals to our clients as we provide proven, professional and timely service to our tenants and prospects.

Corinya Uganda Limited is a creative, innovative and people driven organization providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.

The following are important to us above all else:

INTEGRITY. No other single attribute of a person or of a business can have such an impact on success or failure. We believe that every action must be taken with truth and honesty, and if we must ask ourselves if it is all right to do something, it probably is not. We will work with integrity with other agents and within the industry.

SERVICE. Our clients and customers have a right to expect outstanding service. We are paid not for our time, but for our service. If we expect to be well paid, we must provide the highest level of service possible. We expect our sales associates to pride themselves in providing the best and continuing our well-earned reputation of 10 years.

WORK ETHIC. No organization can grow and prosper unless each member of the team puts forth the maximum effort. We demand of ourselves only the best when it comes to our zeal.

COOPERATION. An organization can be great when all members are working together for a common purpose. It can be only mediocre when some are rowing in a different direction. Once the firm sets its goals, all members of the firm should work together to achieve those goals. Helping one another when possible, going out of our way to cooperate with each other and the real estate community at large, will bring real “team” mentality. You can expect cooperation from our employees at all times.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Sometimes even the most competent professionals make mistakes. We understand this fact. Our clients and customers must be satisfied with any transaction, or we will not obtain the constant flow of referrals that we receive. If we make a mistake, we must be willing to stand accountable and to make it right with the customer.

We hope to do all these by exceeding all our stakeholder’s expectations.